How To Stop Amazon Pop-Ups on iPhone And iPad

Have you worried about Amazon popups on iPhone or iPad? and Do you want to stop the Amazon winner pop up ad? Then this article for you. When you browsing the web on your iPhone or iPad (Safari or Chrome browser) sometimes a pop-up appeared. It says that “Congratulations! You have been selected for a chance to get the $1000 Amazon Gift Card, Apple iPhone X” like this. And finally, it asks you “Please click OK to claim your reward before it expires!”

Is it true?

Unfortunately, you have not won anything here, it’s a scam message. This popup will steal your private information from your phone by some hackers. So here I will give you some methods to remove congratulations amazon user pop-up from iPhone. This method will help you to be safe and protect your personal information after you got amazon gift card pop up on iPhone or iPad. Read how to block pop-ups in Safari apple support article.

amazon pop-up iphone

Close Out Of Your Web Browser

When you saw like this pop-up on iPhone or virus detected then immediately close out of your web browser safari or chrome. Don’t click the pop-up else it will affect your mobile.

Clear Your Brower History and Data:

As per, After you close out of your browser, you want to clear your browser history and website data. Because when you seen amazon congratulations pop up on iPhone, a cookie will be stored in your safari or chrome browser. So here I give you the steps to clear web browser history and website data.

How To Clear Safari Browser History On iPhone

  • First, open "Settings" app on your iPhone then just scroll down and tap "Safari" browser and then scroll down again and tap on "Clear history and Website data"
Clear Safari history and website data
  • Now it asks you "Clearing will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data", then click on "Clear".
Safari Clear history

That's is how clear your history on safari on iPhone.

How To Clear Chrome Browser History On iPhone

  • Open Chrome Browser and tap on the menu icon then tap on History
  • Then Click on "Clear Browsing Data..." at the bottom left side
  • Now select all you want to clear data like "Browsing history, cookies, site data, cached" then finally tap on Clear browsing data.

That’s it.

Keep Your iPhone Apps Up To Date

Always keep your iPhone apps up to date the latest version software updates. Because many software release their important security updates and it will control the amazon pop-ups and other virus popups on iPhone or iPad.

That’s it, this is the easy steps to fix congratulations pop-up on iPhone or iPad. If you know any other methods to stop Amazon 1000 gift card popup, then please leave your comments below it will help to many people.
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  • AlaNgwa
    AlaNgwa September 3, 2018 at 3:36 PM

    How do I download the profile

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