[Latest] Airtel 3G/4G Free Internet Proxy Trick April 2019 - (100% Working)

November 9, 2019

[Latest] Airtel 3G/4G Free Internet Proxy Trick April 2019 - (100% Working)

By TricksMyWorld
Today we are sharing working new Airtel free internet proxy trick 2019 for prepaid SIM card users, which is working at zero balance and without any data pack. You can browse and download stuff with 4G high speed. The 3g proxy trick is working awesome on both Android Mobile and Computer/PC. We personally Recommended better to use in Computer only. The Airtel free internet trick is working in all most all states in India. Working confirmed in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal. So if you are Airtel user then you must try this trick. Just follow below all the airtel free internet proxy setting for PC & Android and enjoy unlimited free browsing.

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airtel free internet proxy trick

Airtel Free Internet Proxy Setting For Android

Carefully read below airtel proxy setting for android mobile and do correctly step by step then enjoy free browsing without internet pack on your mobile phone using any browser like UC browser, opera, chrome, etc.  
  • Go to Settings options in your Android mobile
  • Then open Mobile networks --> Access Point Names
  • Now in the option, click on create new setting (APN) or ADD
  • There you will get many input options
  • APN – airtelgprs.com
  • Proxy – Type any one proxy from given below, if one not work then try another
  • Port – 80
  • Now save Settings and Make it default
  • Now open any mobile browser
  • Now open any Home Page from given below
  • Done. Enjoy

Airtel Free Internet Proxy Setting For PC

The Airtel 3g proxy trick is working fine in Computer and without any issue. So try all the free proxy address one by one. How to make airtel proxy setting for pc, just follow below steps.
  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Open Menu and then click Options
  • Now click on Advanced tab then Network tab.
  • Click Connection Settings
  • Now click Manual Proxy configuration
  • Then type HTTP Proxy and Port from given below
  • Now Save settings (OK)
  • Now open any Home Page from given below
  • Done. Enjoy free internet in airtel.
airtel free internet proxy setting for pc

How To Use Airtel Proxy Trick in IDM

If you want to download stuff with IDM (Internet Download Manager) then you must need to put Airtel proxy and port in IDM (airtel free internet IDM proxy address). How to make proxy setting in IDM just follow below steps
  • Open IDM (Internet Download Manager)
  • Click on the Options tab
  • Now click on Proxy/Socks and then click Use proxy
  • Now type Proxy server and Port from given below (must use the same proxy on both browser and IDM)
  • Done.
airtel proxy settings IDM

Latest Working Airtel Proxy & Homepage List April 2019

Try below airtel free internet proxy server list one by one and follow all the steps correctly, then it will definitely work fine for you. 

Working Airtel Free Internet Proxy List:

  • german-proxy.de OR
  • prx.im OR
  • 4everproxy.com OR
  • zendproxy.com
  • proxies.us OR
  • hideip.co OR
  • Jetproxy.com OR
  • youtubefreeproxy.com
  • proxy.hmastuff.com  OR 
  • freevideoproxy.com
  • webproxy.stealthy.co
  • 0000a-fast-proxy.de
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • www.air-proxy.com 
PORT – 80

List of Working Airtel Free Internet Proxy Homepages

  • airtelgurus.com (first try this)
  • 56789.airtel.in
  • m.airtellive.com
  • one.airtel.in
  • ic.bsbportal.com or video.bsbportal.com or Prod.bsbportal.com
  • buddies.airtelmoney.in
  • live.airtelworld.com
  • Use at 0 balance and without any data pack
  • Recommended better to use in Computer only with Mozilla Firefox
  • Use any one Proxy and Port from given above, If one does not work then try another proxy and homepages.
Just follow and do correctly above-given airtel internet setting and enjoy unlimited free browsing and downloads on your mobile and computer. I hope you got and enjoy the free internet tricks. If you like this Airtel free internet proxy trick 2019 then share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you have any issue then simply comment below.


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  7. how please send apn for free internet in Indonesian thanxs.....Bosssss

  8. how please send apn for free internet in Indonesian thanxs.....Bosssss

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