Airtel USSD Codes List to Check Balance, SMS, Offers, Alerts, 2G, 3G, 4G Balance

Airtel USSD Codes Lists , Airtel balance check code / number , Airtel 3G 4G balance check , how to check airtel number.

Airtel is one of the most popular telecom company in the world. Airtel has many USSD Codes to check Main Balance, SMS Balance, 2G, 3G and 4G Balance, Free Minutes, Check Mobile Number, Offers, and Alerts etc. So it's very difficult to remember all Airtel USSD Codes. If you are using Airtel network then this article very useful to you because in this post I am giving Airtel USSD Codes lists to Check many Airtel services. Simply dial following Airtel USSD Codes from your mobile to check balance , GPRS pack, SMS pack, and more Airtel services.

All Airtel USSD Codes List:

Here I am giving Prepaid Airtel all USSD Codes to check main balance, sms ,2g and 3g balance, offers and alerts etc. Now you can check and activate which you want Airtel services using below USSD Codes.

Airtel Balance Check USSD Codes:

If you want to check any Airtel services balance, you can use below Airtel USSD Codes. For example, want to check your airtel main balance then simply dial airtel balance check USSD Code *123#.
  • How to check Airtel Balance - *123#
  • Check Airtel SMS Balance  - *123*7#
  • Check Airtel 2G Balance - *123*10#
  • Check Airtel 3G Balance - *123*11#
  • Check Airtel 4G Internet Balance - *123*19#
  • How to Airtel Night Data Balance - *129*09#
  • Check Airtel to Airtel Minutes Balance - *123*1#
  • Check Airtel Night Minute Balance - *123*6#
  • Check Airtel Free STD Minute Balance - *123*8#
  • Airtel Data Check Code - *123*10# , *123*11# , *123*19#

Airtel Services Activation USSD Codes:

  • Get Airtel Rs.10 Talktime Loan Code - *222# 
  • Get Airtel Internet Loan - *567#
  • Airtel All Offer at Rs.5 per day - *222#
  • Airtel  Gift Services Ussd Code - *141#
  • Airtel 3G Activation Code- Send SMS "3G" to 121
  • Airtel GPRS Activation Ussd Code - *567#
  • Facebook Access Rs.1 per day - *325#
  • Airtel Mobile Office Activation or Deactivation Code - *567#
  • Airtel DND Activate - Dial 1909
  • Airtel Internet Pack / Airtel net pack - *567#

Other Useful Airtel USSD Codes List:

  • My Airtel My Offer USSD Code - *121#
  • Airtel Balance Transfer Code - Dial *141# then Choose "Share Talktime" Option 
  • Check Airtel Own Mobile Number - *121*9# or *282#
  • Vodafone best offers - *121#
  • Airtel Facebook Service Ussd Code - *325#
  • Airtel Twitter Service Ussd Code - *515#
  • Set Your Airtel Hello Tune - *678#
  • Airtel Missed Call Alert Services - *888#
  • Daily Count of SMS - *125*5#
  • Airtel 50% Data Cash Back Offer - *567#

Airtel Services Via Send SMS Text 

  • Airtel 3G Activation Code - Send SMS "3G" to 121
  • To Get Airtel Live Setting - Send SMS "LIVE" to 52567
  • To Start any Services  - Send SMS "START" to 121
  • To Stop any Services - Send SMS "STOP" to 121

Airtel Customer Care Numbers:

If you have any problem or any other airtel services or balance detection then you can call Airtel customer care number they will solve your problem.
  • Airtel Complain Toll-Free Number - Dial 198
  • Airtel Customer Care Number - Dial 121
NOTE : All USSD Codes tested and working fine in my State. If in your state work fine this USSD Codes then please comment below with your State to help other visitors.
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